NeuroCenter EEG License Information

Read this carefully before selecting the license(s) required:

  1. A license type needs to be selected for each NeuroCenter EEG license: Desktop (local installation) or Online (runs in your webbrowser);
  2. Only one NeuroCenter EEG license for platform type ‘Online’ can be selected for a single user account (=username / email combination);
  3. The e-mail address used for placing the order must match the one used for registering in NeuroCenter EEG;
  4. Licenses for NeuroCenter EEG will be activated automatically within a few minutes after a succesful payment is made;
  5. Licenses for Online Storage require approval and may take up to 24h to be processed and be made available.

Terms and conditions

  1. Prices are mentioned as monthly recurring license fees;
  2. Renewal is subject to automatic payment by the means provided on check-out;
  3. If automatic renewal is not possible, the license will be suspended by the end of the active period and must be enabled manually by providing a payment.
  4. Licenses can be cancelled from your account dashboard at any given moment with a one month notice;

The End-User License Agreement (EULA) for NeuroCenter EEG can be found here.